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Paucis verbis

I have begun an endless task: walking through the streets of Barcelona's "Eixample" looking at and photographing "balcons" - and putting them on the Web. I shall try to capture as many of them as possible before the ravages of time and reconstruction make them disappear, and all that is left is a memory - or until Father Time stops my activities.

This is how the site is organised:

  1. The heart of the site is the Street Index to select the street to visit. At present there are only a few streets and some of them feature just one or two "balcons". However, every time I visit Barcelona I will add more streets and "balcons".
  2. Each street has its own page. The available "balcons" can be seen in two ways
    • Selecting the house number from the drop down menu.
    • Selecting the "START" button and seeing the "balcons" in sequence.

The "balcons" are shown as passers-by see them, looking upwards from street level; not as flat-on architectural illustrations.

Please visit the Contact page to send me any constructive suggestions or to sign the Guest Book. I shall be grateful for any photos, information and materials that visitors to these pages, and lovers of Barcelona, care to send to me. All contributions will be acknowledged and corresponding credits will be given for whatever material is used in these pages. Please go to the Information page for more details.

Thank you for your visit.

Agustí Coma González.
Wallington, August 2001


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